UFC’s Bruce Buffer

I Refused to Intro O.J. Simpson

… ‘Get Another Announcer’

11/10/2017 3:10 PM PST


Legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer has introduced thousands of people throughout the years — including tons of celebs — but says he’d NEVER utter the name “O.J. Simpson” on the mic.

Bruce hates O.J.’s guts — wants nothing to do with him — to the point where he turned down a paying offer to introduce The Juice before UFC hit the big time.

“I was asked to announce O.J. in Florida at an event some 10 or more years ago and I said, ‘I refuse,'” Buffer told TMZ Sports. “Get another announcer.”

Buff still feels the same way about O.J. … and says he doesn’t want Juice anywhere near the Octagon — especially after his drunken hotel incident.


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