In the latest “” news, the star is getting fans all riled up over a sweater. In 2014, Taylor slipped into a red 525 America v-back jumper, but she wore it backward. The singer was photographed in the look since she had front-row seats to a New York Knicks game and was parked up next to famous people like Justin Verlander, Kate Upton, Amanda Seyfried, and Justin Long.

Taylor’s fans, who , were quick to point out that Taylor twisted the top, and many hilarious tweets ensued. Since Swifties will always remember this particular wardrobe malfunction, Taylor brought attention back to the fashion moment with her . The “Rep” cutout design will be available at pop-up shops and, judging from Taylor’s popularity, one of the first items to sell out. Read on for a look, then shop similar silhouettes you can achieve the look with.


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