When it comes to staying warm in icy weather, you can either do things Luke Skywalker’s way (with stinky tauntaun guts) or you can do them the fashionable way. Thankfully, with Columbia sportswear’s new coat collaboration, that’s much easier to do! The company is offering three limited-edition coats — inspired by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia Organa, respectively — in its “Echo Base” collection just in time for the release of . The coats are each priced at $400, and Columbia’s high-performance technologies will help “stand up to the freezing conditions on planet Hoth, or other galaxies closer to home.”

There are only 1,980 of each coat available (in honor of the original 1980 Star Wars release date), and you can grab yours online or in Columbia retail stores starting on Dec. 8. Check out these photos of the intergalactically chic jackets, which — unlike Luke’s tauntaun — won’t smell bad on the inside or outside. We think there’s an obvious winner in this competition, don’t you?


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