It’s been three weeks since . The pop icon kept a steady build-up to the new album ever since late August, when she , “Look What You Made Me Do.” From there, we got , a called “. . . Ready For It” (also with ), and then “” and a , “Call It What You Want.” While the full album hit shelves on Nov. 10, Swift had yet to release it on any major streaming services — until now. Variety reported Reputation would hit streaming services on Friday, and now we can confirm the album is streaming for your listening pleasure.

Swift’s complicated past with streaming platforms is not a secret. In 2014, the pop star and . The entire Taylor Swift catalog was unavailable until she . . . which, by the way, was suspiciously timed to the release of Katy Perry‘s new album, Witness. Since then, all of the new singles from Reputation were made available for streaming on the nights of their respective releases. It seems like everything’s been smoothed over.

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